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Easy to Install Zip Line Kits

Spend time with your friends and family with one of our zip line kits provided by All Fun Things Outdoors in Colorado Springs, Colorado. All zip line kits come with an Installation Tips Guide.

The Best Zip Kit

Choose the best zip line kit for your family; there is a range of zip line kits to choose from. Zip Line cables are not included in the kits, but they can be purchased through us as an additional product.

Please make sure you purchase the appropriate length of cable in addition to the kit. Cable lengths go by 50' increments, starting at 50' and going up to any customizable length. Customizable length cables are only available upon consultation.

Zip Line Kits

Ensure you have all the right parts for your zip line kit. The zip line kits can accommodate a person from 150 lbs. to 450 lbs. They also come with a braking kit, so you can determine how fast you want to go. All zip line kits include:

• ZLP Raptor Trolley
• Steel Locking Carabineer
• 1/2'' x 6'' Turn Buckle
• 6' Chain Sling
• Six 3/16'' Cable Clamps
• Three 1/16'' Thimbles

Seats and Harnesses

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Products & Information coming soon!

Braking Systems

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Start having fun with the family with our top-of-the-line zip line kits from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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